Monday, December 12, 2011

Welcome Mouse to Col. Potter!

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

Mouse’s life has not been an easy one. He was born to a back yard breeder and sold to a family when he was 2 years old. His new Owner noticed he had a very bad limp, which turned out to be an unhealed fractured hip. Mouse had surgery to correct his hip, which was successful; today he can run and play as if nothing was ever wrong. Mouse’s family was not equipped to deal with a healthy, active male cairn.

He found himself outside all day while his Owners were at work, only to be brought in a night for dinner and bed in a screened in porch, he was never allowed in the house. Not surprisingly, Mouse never house trained. Realizing this situation was not ideal for Mouse, his Owner’s contacted CP. Our intakes team tried to work with Mouse’s Owner to house train him, but it proved too much for the Owners. Once again, CP was contacted, and today, Mouse became our newest CP kid. I’d like everyone to give Mouse a warm CP welcome.

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