Saturday, February 18, 2012

McCartney rock-n-rolls for Col. Potter

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Remember what happened on February 9, 1964? That was the day the Beatles first appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. American teenage girls were never the same! One Beatle had those come hither, puppy dog eyes. Oh those eyes!! Those eyes along with the dark hair and boyish grin captivated the female population far and wide.

Yesterday a short (cairns aren't tall) dark and handsome 8 year old cairn boy with captivating eyes joined Col. Potter. Check out the mahogany highlights on the beautiful black brindle cairn! His picture only hints at his charisma.

McCartney is a very loved owner surrender. His owner was getting up in years, as we all do, and found it more and more difficult to care for him. Everyone who knew him was in love with this guy. As part of the intake process, we talk to the cairn's vet. The entire vet's office was smitten with him and were his personal fan club. This boy was loved by all in his life. He is a cairn who likes to give kisses. He loves belly rubs too. Being an only cairn, McCartney is very happy to discover his foster home has a girl cairn who he is already trying to impress.

Our very own CP McCartney is making his official rocking debut today! Hold down the noise - Please welcome McCartney!

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