Saturday, March 17, 2012

CP's Salisbury's puppies have names! Baby Patterson needs your prayers

Contributed by Salisbury's foster mom

Staying with the North Carolina theme, I have named the puppies after famous people born in North Carolina. There were other that I would have loved to include, but their names had been used already:)


Harriet.... (Harriet Ann Jacobs-activist and journalist 1813-1897) birth wgt 5 3/8, now 6 1/4
Julianne.... (Julianne Moore-actress 1960-) birth wgt 5 5/8 now 6 3/8
Mabley ....(Moms Mabley-comedian 1893-1975) birth wgt 4 1/4 now 5 1/4
Simone.... (Nina Simone-civil rights activist, pianist, singer, journalist 1933-2003)
birth wgt ? now 5 1/2

Dodd.... (William Edward Dodd-historian, diplomat 1869-1940) birth wgt 7 1/8 now 7 7/8
Cosell.... (Howard Cosell-talk show host, new anchor 1918-1995) birth wgt 5 1/8 now 6 1/8
McKissick.... (Floyd McKissick-civil rgts activist, legal prof 1922-1991) birth wgt 5 5/8 now 6 1/8
Patterson.... (Floyd Patterson-boxer 1935-2006) birth wgt 4 1/4 now 4
Hiram.... (Hiram R. Revels- US representative, minister 1822-1901) at the Rainbow Bridge

The names are matched with weights and updates. I know I have been slow with this, but it has been pretty busy around here, since we were not expecting puppies so soon.

Salisbury even beat Contralto, who was here just 24 hours before whelping. Salisbury's got the record at 16 1/2 hours. I don't think I care to have anyone beat this:)

Salisbury Puppy Colors and Weights and update

Simone was born at the vet and I do not have her birth weight. 4 Girls are listed first and then the 4 boys. As you can see little Patterson is not doing well. He is the weakest of the puppies and we have been staying in and holding up to nurse, but it doesn't seem to be helping, do I will be tubing him, hoping this will give him the jump start he needs. Mama Salisbury is eating and drinking well. She is running a fever due to the problems she had. She is on an antibiotic and my vet is aware. We are keeping a close eye on both her and Patterson right now. The other puppies all seemed to be active and doing well. They can be quite noisy too. Especially little Mabley. She complains the whole time she nurses.

Names and Colors below names

Harriet Julianne Mabley Simone Dodd Cosell Mckissick Patterson

brindle wheaten wheaten wheaten lt. brindle wheaten wheaten dk. brindle

Please keep Mama Salisbury and baby Patterson in your prayers.

(Angel Baby Hiram at the RB)

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Unknown said...

Good work giving Patterson a fighter's name. Hopefully that will help keep him in the ring. Hang in there Patterson and Salisbury.