Sunday, March 18, 2012

Salisbury and Baby pup Patterson Update, he's gained back some weight!

Contributed by CP's Salisbury and her puppies' foster Mom

Salisbury and her pups

Baby Patterson gets a 'lift'!

Baby Patterson has gained an 1/8 ounce!

Here are pics of Patterson nursing while we watch and help him, plus mama Salisbury and his siblings. The last pics of the pups alone are while Mama Salisbury went to the vet with foster dad. Her temp spiked to 104.7 and off to the vet to have her checked over. X-ray looked okay and exam showed her uterus going down. She is now on a second antibiotic to take with the first. If this doesn't help, then she will probably need surgery. For now she is home and feeding her babies. Even though she has to feel miserable, she is a dedicated mom.

last update: Salisbury's temp is down to 102.2 this morning. She feels so much cooler to the touch and I am sure she feels a lot more comfortable since she has to be in the hot puppy room. Patterson's weight is back up to 4 5/8!

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