Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Please welcome McQuinn to CP!

Written by CP's VP of Intakes  

Every little boy loves to explore and go on an adventure, checking out new trails and paths, finding little hidden creeks and streams to skip stones or even stop to fish for a little while. It's summertime and the wanderlust gets the best of all of us, but none moreso than a young, inquisitive little boy Cairn.

Such is the case of our newest handsome little boy to join the Col. Potter family. He got the wanderlust bug and found his adventure ended when he was picked up as a stray on a busy road. While he had a collar on, there was no identification or microchip to be found. The only thing he's been exploring the past 10 days is the inside of a kennel waiting for his stray hold to expire so he could finally start his next adventure with Col. Potter!

McQuinn is a donated name from Sabrina L. He's estimated to be about 4 years old, sweet and friendly. Lucky for McQuinn his exploration days are over and he's now in the loving arms of Col. Potter. Heartworm positive, he will definitely need the love and support of his Col. Potter family and friends to help him get through the treatment and recovery.

McQuinn will be listed in the Guardian Angel program, so please consider donating to his care and treatment.

There won't be anymore adventures or exploring for McQuinn for a little while, but once he's healthy again, this handsome little boy will be ready to find his very own home where they can experience new adventures and exploration together safely!

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