Thursday, September 6, 2012

Welcome back a familiar face

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer 

When a cairn comes into Col. Potter many wheels spin to make things happen specifically for each cairn. The first step is the rescue and intake whether it be a puppy mill, shelter, or owner surrender. Next is the vetting and transport to the foster home. After that the training, love, safety and evolution of the cairn comes into play. Finally the little one is ready for his or her forever home which we celebrate with great happiness. Everyone has done their job and fulfilled the mission of finding each special Col. Potter kid a forever home and a happily ever after.

Sadly, sometimes happily ever ends due to unforeseen events. This sweet little lady was another victim of the current economy. Her former mom struggled with this decision, holding on as long as she could before letting go. Due to confidentiality I cannot share the owner's exact words but I can paraphrase them for you below:

I should be with her until her last day, giving her love and affection, comforting her as the end grows near. Instead, I have to leave her with strangers never to see her again. Will she always be looking for me? Will she find a new home to love her? Will she accept the changes? Will she remember me? She's another victim of the economy. She doesn't know what's coming, and will have no idea what's happening when our paths split and we go our separate ways.

Rakel is a former puppy mill girl. She has overcome so much of the puppy mill baggage in the last few years. She loves attention, belly rubs and warming laps! She doesn't mind other dogs or even a cat or two. Her vision and hearing aren't so keen anymore but her sweetness factor has grown since she first left Col. Potter's doorstep. Rakel has been at her foster home less than 24 hours and already foster mom has used the words "adorable and very sweet" to describe this spunky 10 year old girl. Her bags are unpacked and she's enjoying foster care.

Luckily all CP cairns have the safety net of Col. Potter in case of unforeseen changes when happily ever after hits a bump in the road. Let's all welcome and give a collective big hug to welcome back Rakel!

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