Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday's Foster - Take a Look at Defi!

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

Let’s shine the light a bit brighter on this spunky little lady in Texas! 

Do you still need some help keeping that resolution to get out and walk more?  Well, Miss Defi is a great walking companion, and fitness coach, taking each stride with purpose, as though she had a mission to complete!  

 This sweet little girl has worked hard to lose a few pounds, putting new spring in her step that belies her 12.6 years of age!  She may be the oldest Foster currently in Foster Care with Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network (CPCRN), but don’t tell her that!  One look at her little video portraits and you will have no doubt our little Defi is full of life!  

Back in 2011, Defi had the sad misfortune of losing her elderly parents.  Someone took her in, but they didn’t understand the Cairn personality, so she was brought to a shelter.  There, they examined her carefully and it was determined that she was heartworm positive, which would have been bad enough by itself, but it put her at additional risk. 

You see, shelters do not make sick dogs available for adoption, and they don’t treat them either.  This sad little girl’s days were numbered, but CPCRN stepped in and took her into Foster Care, making sure she had the lengthy and expensive treatment to rid her of this terrible illness, and now she is certified to be 100% heartworm free! 

 Defi is a real cuddle bunny, but she also loves to exercise her Cairn instincts, barking at the ducks and the rabbits, and whatever else runs wild in the neighborhood - but most especially dancing and barking for dinner! 

A very special little girl, defying the odds as she overcame so many obstacles, Defi is 100% ready to cuddle in your arms and help you to overcome any emptiness you may have in your heart and home!

Won't you consider letting her share her golden years with you?

You can learn more about her by following this link.  She is currently being fostered in Texas but transport solutions are available to get her to you!

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