Friday, November 30, 2012

Senior Moments with Tink: An Adopted Senior Foster!

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

Let’s shine the light a bit brighter on Tink and her Senior CP Foster Cousins! 
Tink, fka CP’s Lebkuchen, celebrates her 19th year! 

The Lovely Lady Tink is Not available for adoption, but she has many Senior Cairn cousins currently in Col. Potter Foster Care, who may be right for you!  Lebkuchen was the eldest member of CP’s Holiday Confections, the dozen Cairns rescued in late November, 2008, and she was barely settled into her Foster Home when her Adoptive Mom put in her application and brought her home!  Rescued and Adopted into a loving home after 15 years at a commercial breeding facility Lebkuchen, aka Lovely Lady, nka Tink might be said to be a Lucky Lady, but her Mom believes it is the other way around!  Says Mom, “She is so much more than I could have wished for!  Yes, she has her faults, but I would never trade her for the world!”

And now she is celebrating her 19th year, with special Thanksgiving for the last four!

November 29, 2008, Lebkuchen

You see, Tink came into the Col. Potter Cairn Rescue Network (CPCRN) with a group of eleven others who were released by a commercial breeding facility.  Unfortunately, many animals at commercial breeding facilities do not receive the same good nutrition, veterinary care and loving affection that they would as pets and companion animals.  She had dry eye when she came into CP and the top of one ear was missing.

Tink was extremely shy and fearful when she was first adopted, but her Forever Mom gave her all the love and consideration she needed to adjust to a life of freedom.  “Now she rules the house and the rest of the herd respects her and defers to her,” Mom says.  “She spends her days on a special doggie bed, supposedly supervising the goings on in the house.  She loves to empty the water bowl on the back porch in the Summer, treating it as her personal swimming pool!  She has adapted extremely well, and I have no fear of taking her with me.  She is a total sweetheart, and I have never, ever, regretted adopting her!” 

Summer, 2012, Tink is ready to turn heads! 

We wanted to tell you Tink’s story because we have had the privilege of rescuing many older Cairns, and we want you to know how much love and companionship they have to give when someone finds it in their heart to offer one of these Senior Cairns a loving Forever Home!

No, perhaps they will not want to play ball or jump around frantically whenever they see a squirrel, but they are loyal, and they do cuddle very nicely on the sofa or bed, and they are always ready to listen to your thoughts, happy or sad, or to simply keep you company while you read a book or take a nap.  With their eyes, they tell you how they feel, and in their eyes, you feel like the whole world.

If you have time plus some room in your heart and home, one of our wonderful Seniors is ready for you, and they will return your Love and Devotion every day, but if you are not ready to adopt, perhaps you could Volunteer and help in our rescue efforts?  Without our dedicated volunteers who are ready to pick up and transport into Foster Care the needy Cairns, wherever they are, who very often are facing a life or death situation, we would never have saved Tink and the other Holiday Confections.  In fact, the volunteers who rescued this group also saved a group of 20 Bassett Hounds who were at the same breeding facility!  Every volunteer counts…


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missdivinity said...

I adopted Divinity, the second oldest Cairn in this group.

My little lady was a total joy. However, she did have her moments, she was a Cairn after all.

I also agree with this poster, not once did I ever regret adopting Divinity.

Senior dogs have lots to teach, their owner just needs to be willing to learn.

Divinity's Dad