Friday, January 4, 2013

Looking into the New Year…

Contributed by CP Foster Tolstoy

I love to look out for Foster Dad – and maybe You?

Hello, there!

Tolstoy is my name and I have followed the road to Kansas (neither yellow nor brick, by the way!) like my cousin, Toto, and I am really hoping that this is where the Rainbow Ends…  or begins, perhaps?  The Munchkins all seem to be located at a place called Dunkin Donut (whatever that is?) but I have yet to spot the Tin Man, the Lion, or the Scarecrow…   No matter, however, because what I am really keeping a sharp eye out for is a perfect Forever Home to call my own!

I look really good when I smile, don’t you think?

I am certain that there is someone out there who just Needs a healthy, energetic, and handsome young man to play ball with every day, or to accompany them on long, healthy walks!  I am very fast and I can chase a ball up or down the stairs with ease, and if you kick me a soccer ball, I will always bring it back so you can do it again!  Do you like to run?  Well, so do I!  And I am really excellent minding my manners while on my lead!  That pesky New Year’s Resolution to get in shape is but an Adoption Application away from being solved!

I am really a good boy Most of the time!

See, I know all about that back door!

Hmmm...  Where did that ball go? 

Worried I can’t keep up?  Please don’t!  You don’t need that old Wizard to tell you that I am good as gold, in spite of the fact that a little section of one of my lungs does not work anymore.  See, every once in a while, after I have been very, very busy zooming around, I might get a little wheezy, but it does not hurt me, and, more importantly, it does not slow me down!  It’s just that little section of my lung saying how much it loves to run around with me!

Oh, I know exactly how to relax!

 You know, I am smart too!  Foster Mom was playing a video of me playing with an orange squeaky toy, and I could tell that I wasn’t really in her computer, so I ran to the toy box and got the exact orange toy to show Foster Mom I knew the difference!  I know my toys!

…and relax!

I do all of my serious business outside, but, sometimes, not always, I get excited inside and “mark”, even though I really know Foster Mom wants me to do that outside too.  I think it is the competition with my big Foster Brother, so if you have a little girl that needs company, or even just you, my Foster Mom thinks I will find my manners, front and center, all the time, and I won’t need a belly band inside to keep everything nice and fresh.  I think she might be right!!!

…and relax with the gang!

 Why, now that you have given me some thought, don’t you think that you and I would fit together better than Dorothy and those Ruby slippers??? 

Anyway, take a look at my new videos, but do it at your own risk!  You might find me irresistible!!!

CP Foster Tolstoy, in Kansas for now!
aka The Sweetest, Cutest kid, still looking for that Yellow Brick Road…

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Unknown said...

Wonderful write up and great photos. Tolstoy's a treasure.