Thursday, April 25, 2013

ShyAnne finds a Warm Welcome at CP!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

ShyAnne, an 8 year old Wheaten Female

ShyAnne is an 8 year old female shelter intake whose Owner fell upon poor health, and was hospitalized as she was near death.  The police called the local shelter to get this woman’s three dogs that had been left alone in the house. 

Happily, the Owner pulled through, and, after she was released from the hospital, she tried to reclaim all three dogs, though she was now in a wheelchair.  Two of the dogs were content to be house dogs, but ShyAnne was known to run out the front door at every opportunity.  Previously, she had been found as a stray from such an event.   The shelter personnel talked the Owner into letting them keep ShyAnne, for her safety and well being, but the other two dogs went back home with the Owner. 

ShyAnne is a social, funny little girl.  She was getting very depressed in the shelter pens, so Col. Potter was called, and ShyAnne has now became our newest CP kid. 

Let’s all give ShyAnne a warm CP welcome!

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