Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wooster Wakes ‘em up at Col. Potter!

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes

Wooster, a Happy 8 month old Gray Brindle Male

OK Ladies, this one's for you!  Whether you're married or single, in a committed relationship or available, whether you consider yourself a "cougar" or just looking for some companionship, this introduction comes with a HEARTTHROB Warning!  Some might say you are robbing the cradle if you fall in love with this very handsome young boy, but let them talk because he's worth it!

Introducing CP's Newest Heartthrob, #6257 Wooster, very handsome and distinctive Gray Brindle boy that is only 8 months old!  Wooster comes to CP from a family that has both his parents.  They decided his parents were “enough” Cairns to have in their family, and that Wooster needed to find his very own special family to love and be loved by.  And so, Col. Potter's Newest Heartthrob found his way to CP!

Wooster, ready for a belly rub!

Welcome little boy, Wooster!  Yes…  A real HEARTTHROB!!

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