Thursday, June 6, 2013

Darla Joins the Col. Potter Gang!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Sweet and Spunky Darla of The Little Rascals fame!

Years ago there was a show we all watched and still remember with a smile - The Little Rascals - Our Gang!   We all remember the antics of those ornery little boys and their loyal dog, Pete.  Do you remember Darla, the sweet, spunky girlfriend of Alfalfa?   She put up with all the boys and their girl hating.  No girls allowed in the tree house!!!  This young, darling girl stood her ground with the boys quite well!

Darla, a Beautiful 1 year old Light Wheaten Female

Col. Potter now has it’s own darling Darla!  She's a one year old, Cream Cairn terrier who lost her home through no fault of her own.  Her owners, like many others these past few years, could no longer financially care for her.  She was surrendered to a no kill shelter in hopes of finding a new home.  Darla was very confused over losing the only home she had known.  At the shelter she was scared and nervous, so much that the shelter contacted Col. Potter for help as they have in the past. 

In no time Darla was picked up by a wonderful CP volunteer and whisked away for her spa treatment at the vet.  Soon Darla will be relaxing in the warmth of her foster home!  Her fears and sadness of her loss will be a thing of the past in no time.  Darla will once again know love!

Welcome Darla to OUR CP GANG!!!


Karen Hargett said...

Oh - I want her!

Anonymous said...

Looking for a Best friend for my other cairn who lost her cairn sister a few months ago and she seems sooo lost we need a perfect fit though she doesn't like to let everyone know it but she is the dominebt one