Monday, August 12, 2013

Baris Takes his First Steps in Freedom with CP!

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes

Baris, a 1 year old Wheaten Male

This morning, here in the upper Midwest, we started the day out with a few rain showers and quite a bit of fog.  Not exactly a beautiful start to the day.  However, as the morning has worn on, the rain came to a stop and the fog has slowly burned off to reveal a beautiful blue sky with a few scattered puffy clouds, and the temperatures are warming nicely to an expected high in the upper 70's.  Today is shaping up to be a picture perfect day here!

For one little Cairn boy, this morning started off the same as every other day in his life so far:  confined, frightened and alone.  But suddenly something changed this morning for him!  He was taken out into the daylight and a nice lady took him away and he went for his very first ride in a vehicle.

He then met his Auntie Julie G. who got him all settled in to a comfy room at this new place, where he no longer will need his shaved haircut, while they give him the spa treatment this week.  This little boy slowly, but boldly, took his first steps in freedom, cautiously checking out his new world.  Today just became his first step in a journey to finding a happily ever after!

Baris takes his first steps into Freedom!

Baris is a one year old Wheaton male.  His name was donated by Mary Ellen L. through our Name a Rescue Cairn Program as a result of attending an engagement party where the couple requested all gifts be donations to a shelter!  What a wonderful gift for all concerned!

Please help us Welcome Baris to CP!  We forecast a bright and sunny future for him!

Name a Rescue Cairn

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