Thursday, October 17, 2013

Before you get a Retractable Leash…

Cross posted from Columbia Animal Hospital

Last week, one of our good clients found out first hand the danger of retractable leashes. She called about her little dog being attacked while on a walk. We made the appointment and found that except for some bruises and painful areas, her dog would be fine. The injury to our client was worse. You see, she had her dog on a retractable leash and when the attack happened, her dog was too far away from her to "reel" him in fast enough and she instinctively grabbed the cord with her hand. The rope quite effectively "sawed" through her finger, nearly down to the tendons.

We understand that retractable leashes are popular because "the pets love it" but for the most control and safety of our patients & clients we recommend a regular 6 foot nylon or leather leash. You will have more control because your pet is closer to you and if you have to grab the leash you will not have this kind of injury. Also, if necessary, you can put the loop of the leash on your wrist and have 2 hands free to assist you or your pet.

If you have a retractable leash for your pet, please reconsider when there is even the smallest chance that your pet may encounter danger and you need both hands available for rescue.

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