Saturday, October 5, 2013

Munchkin finds CP's Yellow Brick Road!

Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes

Munchkin, a Beautiful 2 year old Gray Brindle Female

Economy, health, family changes, death - how many times have we heard a Cairn needs assistance through no fault of their own or their family?  Life just happens and sometimes it gets in the way of what is best for a little Cairn girl.  Many times that means making a decision that is so tough on a family, but has the very best interests of the Cairns in mind. 

That is exactly what happened in this case.  A debilitating stroke caused vision and depth perception issues which translated into a family member tripping and falling over this little Cairn girl.  Sadly, they had to make the only decision they could, and sought to find a new home for this gorgeous little girl.

Munchkin is sad, but will soon be smiling again thanks to Col. Potter

Munchkin is only 2 years old, a beautiful Gray Brindle girl who has been well cared for and only known love in her life.  She's a little confused right now, but anxious to get moved to her Foster Home to begin the search for a new wonderful Forever Home.  Special thanks to Kathy and Barney for helping to get Munchkin to Col. Potter.

Let's all say a big HELLO to Munchkin!

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