Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tingler’s Tail Will Triumph at Col. Potter!

Written by a CP Intakes Coordinator

Tingler, a 12 pound 6 year old Wheaten Female

As the year draws to an end, one last little tail has just squeaked through the gates as the doors of 2013 are closing around the clan of Col. Potter - and it is a tale of great need, for sure.  It’s the tale of a young six year-old Wheaten Cairn girl, just barely 12 pounds of her, and how she came in from the cold.

It began on the streets of a small town in Delaware, where she had been trying to survive as a stray.  One day in December during his rounds, the “dog catcher” had picked up the frightened little dog and brought her to a local SPCA.  But, unfortunately for this Cairn, the SPCA was a kill shelter.  They treated her as kindly as they could, gave her vaccinations, fed her, and kept her warm enough, but, her time was running short at the shelter because it was the Holidays, and they were going to need room.

She had fleas so her skin itched, and she was losing fur, and, they told us, she is partially blind.  The people at the shelter were concerned about her future, and they determined that it would be better if she went to a Rescue organization to be cared for both physically and emotionally before being adopted out to her Forever home.  A kind adoption counselor contacted Col. Potter for help, and we answered the call.  Our wonderful volunteer, Doreen, willingly - and happily - gave up her Holiday time to go and pick up the little Cairn and bring her back home to the safety of Col. Potter.

So, how did this Cairn girl find such an unlikely way into Rescue?  How did the animal control officer find the very place where the dog was hunkering down?   How is it that the adoption counselor actually remembered the name of a Rescue group she had heard of quite some time ago?

Tingler is looking for a healthy, happy New Year!

Saving this little girl is the heart and soul of Rescue, and it all came together for her.  How do things like this happen?

Well… Perhaps, someone reached her hands down from the Rainbow Bridge and guided this lonely, frightened Cairn out of the darkness and into the light for the man to see her…  Perhaps her loving heart saw the desperate need of this animal, and she answered the need once again, whispering a soft reminder to the counselor...  Perhaps she rode shotgun with Doreen on the way to the shelter, and that’s why Doreen was laughing when she delivered her precious cargo... However she did it, her magic worked, and our new Cairn girl is safe inside the fold, and the full circle of the year can close around us. 

So now let’s all of us at Col. Potter, with open hearts and open arms, welcome this special little girl “Tingler” to our clan - to her clan!  And thank you to our Rescue Angel, Marlene, for the gift of this beautiful dog, and for all of your gifts over the years to so many... 

Col. Potter also wants to thank their own Board of Directors, Danielle R., Pam B., Amy R. and Mo K., for their generous gift to the Name a Rescue Cairn Program and their donation of the very special name “Tingler”, in honor of their dear friend.  Marlene is surely smiling to know that such a worthy little dog now carries her name.

Your friends will always remember you, Marlene… May your star shine brightly Forever!

Col. Potter Needs a Few More starships for Tingler’s companions, still lost and so afraid… 
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