Monday, February 28, 2011

CP foster Slater and his surgery - won't you be one of his guardian angels?

Written by CP's Director of Foster Homes

Amy has shared some information on Slater, who was brought into Col. Potter and is being fostered by Amy. Slater spent his life outside in the backyard because his owner could not house break him. What she did not know was that it was not his fault. He was not dumb, he was not being stubborn, he could not help it! After many tests, very expensive scans ($400+ for these), it was determined that Slater had a portosystemic shunt, which basically means, the main blood to his liver was being routed around his liver instead of through his liver. Because his liver is not working properly, he has to eat very low protein foods as his liver does not have the capacity to break these down, be on many medications, one of them lactulose to control his ammonia level. When an ammonia level is too high, it produces hepatic encephalopathy and until we were able to figure out his issue and start him on these meds, he was aggressive, almost uncontrollable. Once Amy started on the lactulose and got his ammonia level down, his whole demeanor changed and he became a "new" boy.

Slater needs very expensive surgery to correct this congenital issue he was born with. Ideal time to do this is before a year old. Slater is 4 years old. He is past the ideal time but the surgeon feels he has a very good chance of correcting this and allowing him to live a normal life. Due to the liver not working properly, Slater drinks huge quantities of water and because of this, urinates huge quantities of urine. If he wants to have a good life and get to live as an indoor dog in a home, he needs this surgery.

This surgery is almost $3000 - a stunning blow to Col. Potter. I know we are hitting you all up left and right for donations but this little boy desperately needs guardian angels and donations so that we can provide him this surgery. We do not want to have to tell him "no", sorry, you are not worth it. He is worth it, he is still very young, he deserves to be live in a home. He deserves to be free of the many medications we now have to give him. He deserves this surgery. Will it be risky due to his age, you betcha. Do we owe him this change, you betcha. We can do this if everyone pitches in just a little to make his life better.

Won't you give a cairn a home?

Written by a CP Volunteer

Won’t you give a Cairn a home?
Be it forever or just on loan.
Won’t you give them a start at joy?
A warm bed, a clean bowl and
Maybe a toy.

You don’t have to have a castle,
Fostering isn’t really a hassle.
It fills you up from the inside out
And helps a mill pup abate their doubt.

Doubt about life, about love, about scritches.
Helping them with training and maybe some britches.
Giving them what they NEVER knew they’d have.
A gentle touch, a loving embrace, and their FIRST
Mom or Dad.

Foster a Cairn, give them their very first taste of what a happy forever after is like. to foster to volunteer

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cuzins, Does anyone no Wookie da Wizard? CP foster Birk needs to no!

Contributed by Birk's foster mom

Wookie da Wizard

My foser Mom was readin a story to da boys. Da Boys is whats her calls da short humans who come over to R house to play wif me.
I likes to play wif da boys specially when dem has treats coz sometimes good fings drop on da floor n sometimes Nicky's face needs to be washed n if I is fast I kind do it while foser Mom gits da clof and him tastes gud!!
But anyhows I disgress.... dats a big word I just learned coz I is a cool dude!!
We was all a sittin by da fire, me, n Tia, n Lovie & da boys.. Kringle was hiding in da shower coz ob da funder boomers. N Foser Mom was a readin dis story to us.
Well dis was a berry citin story. It was about a Cairn boi.. I fink him is just like me..
N dis Cairn boi's name is Rocky N him meets a Wizard Dawg calld Wookie da Wizard Daw.

Wookie da Wizard tells Rockie bout dragons and magic n stuff.

So I was finkin, if I ax all U cuzins one ob U must no Wookie and if I send you a pitcher ob me you kin show Wookie N ax him to come n visit me n maybe he kin git me a forever home.

So dis is me..

Birk is being fostered in Iowa and you can learn more about him by clicking here.

Sunday Sweets

Sunday is full of SWEETS! Each week we will showcase the sweeter side of Cairns. If you have a sweet filled cairn and would like us to consider YOUR picture for an upcoming "Sunday Sweets" send it to us at! (All photo submissions become the property of CPCRN and may be used for fundraising, promotion and/or outreach purposes.)






Chiryle & Katie

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

This has been a challenging week with the last two groups - Famous Lovers and Working Class! Less than a week after Aphrodite was pulled from the Medina shelter, she whelped six beautiful, healthy puppies only three days after arriving in her foster home!

Then the Working Class arrived. They appeared to be in good physical health and had been well cared for. However, Imp had an unknown medical issue. Imp tested heartworm positive. Luckily, she is in the early stages of this hideous disease, but she will still undergo heartworm treatment in her foster home. This process is dangerous to Imp and expensive to Col. Potter, but necessary to give Imp the happily ever after we all want for her.

But, the surprises were not quite done yet. Yesterday Roxanne from the Famous Lovers was taken in for her spay. We had been told by the shelter vet that she had recently whelped puppies. Well, puppies was definitely a word the vet used when he called me yesterday, but not in the past tense! Roxanne is very pregnant with at least four puppies and due to whelp in the next 10-14 days!!

Col. Potter needs your support more than ever with the medical expenses for these furkids and the ones not yet born!! Please help Col. Potter to help these babies by donating to Col. Potter through the Name a Cairn Program, being a grandparent to these furkids, participating in our Ebay auctions, Pound Puppy Quilt Raffle, or just making a donation to CP ... Aphrodite, Roxanne and Imp, along with all the others send you a BIG AROOOOOO!

You can also donate by using the Chip In link at the top of this page. Thanks for your contiuing support!

Welcome Rex Lee

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Rex Lee found himself surrendered to a small country shelter. He had little to no chance of adoption from this shelter at 8 years old, and only a short time frame to find a new home given the overcrowding and new arrivals every day.

Luckily for Rex Lee, a small group of shelter volunteers works diligently to get all 'unadoptable' dogs out to rescue whenever possible. They contacted Col. Potter, helped arrange boarding, vetting and transport for him, and worked closely with Intakes until he was moved to his foster home. Without their help, CP saying YES, CP volunteers willing to meet his transport, and a foster home stepping up, Rex Lee would have never had a chance. It really does take a village!

He is described as friendly and sweet, well-adjusted and knows simple commands (sit, stay, etc.). He's very energetic and spry. He is affectionate, and likes to sit on laps! Likes both men and women, also gets along well with other dogs.

Welcome Rex Lee!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Foster in the Spotlight - Paladin

Contributed by Paladin's foster mom

Paladin was an owner surrender due to hardship and was terrified at the shelter. He has obviously been a very loved dog. He is about 10 years old and a bit larger cairn at about 19.5 lbs. He has already lost over 2 lbs since joining the CP family. Unfortunately, he was shaved when pulled so his coat is slowly growing out. He is fully housebroken and will go to the door or sit at your feet and look at you if he needs to go out. Paladin got along wonderfully with the two resident Cairns almost immediately and followed their lead. Paladin joins the resident Cairns in greeting family and visitors. Paladin hasn't met a dog or person that he didn't like immediately. Oops, he barks at the mail carrier and his truck, but happily takes treats from them. Paladin also barks when he is excited. He used to bark while I made dinner, but quiets when I say no--he spins in circles with anticipation when he sees me with his dinner bowl. Mike gives the dogs a small treat at 7pm nightly. Paladin and friends come running when they hear the crinkle of the treat bag. The three sit nicely and wait their turn and take their treats gently.

He loves long walks and playing tug of war or fetch. He has more energy than my Cairns. Paladin is so excited to walk that he does pull on lead at the beginning of the walk, but he is getting better. The first time I took him to be weighed--at the PetSmart vet's scale--I bought him a little rubber football. He carried it everywhere, even on mile-long walks, and he slept with it for weeks. I wondered if he felt he had lost everything and that the ball was the only thing that was his. Recently, he has started joining us on the sofa to watch tv and is seeking ear and belly skritches. He makes the funniest noises when you scratch his ears. I tried to video it but I'm either too slow to get the camera or he stops when he sees it. I will keep trying.

Please don't let Paladin's age keep you from considering him. He still has a lot of energy and lots of love to offer you. Please keep your heart open to an older guy who would love to spend his forever at your home!

Paladin is being fostered in Illinois and you can learn more about him by clicking here.

CP foster Eraser's wisdom : Words NOT in a terrier's dictionary by Eraser

Written by CP foster Eraser, mayor of Inwood

when i say no i mean hell no, come come come , sit sit sit, heal heal heal, no bark no bark no bark, thats not yours

dont pee on the doors, dont pee on the floors, dont pee on the drawers

a shoe is not a tooth brush, the broom will not fit thru the doggie door sideways, the trash can is not a restaurant, (one i'll tell you if you email me)

pee on millies side of the bed if you must, stand still so i can wash you, did you pee? its just rain, who crapped where i just stepped?

who farted? who drug this dead possum into the bedroom? who keeps washing their feet in the water bowl? who chewed into the tv cable? who chewed on the antique chair legs?

who tore the bristles out of my paint brushes? how did you drag my laundry basket out side? why is the toes chewed out of all my socks? but they all do know I LOVE YOU DADDY can i have a snack?

DUCK TAPE!!! I can tell it’s girls suggesting to wrap the hoo hoo thing in duck tape omg every time we boys pee it would hurt so bad when you pull the duck tape off. No no no just say no to duck tape on the hoohoo thing

Eraser is being fostered in Pennsylvania and you can learn more about him and the other cairns available for adoption by clicking here.

Friday's Funnies

Thursday, February 24, 2011

CP will be attending the Celebration of Pets 2011 this weekend in Florida!

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

Kipper and Nealie, Cairn Ambassadors

I am hosting a CP booth at this event on February 26. This is the first event that I have been involved with that gave FREE booths to rescue organizations. Not that I’ve done that many, but while the other events gave us a reduced rate, we still had to pay.

I do plan to post on CRM for any Florida residents who might be interested in attending, and also I have been a matchmaker for several homes in and around this area, all of whom have expressed an interest in attending. So, we are hoping to have a great turnout, with many happy forever homes and lots of cairns. My two girls are the “official” ambassadors for the event, as they were at the last one in Tampa. I had to guard them closely as several people expressed an interest. . .thought they could adopt them and take them home that day – NOT!!

Pet Pages 1s overwhelmed with the response to their Celebration Of Pets 2011! At no time that they can recall, has any event united over 30 rescues and over 130 businesses together under one umbrella, making it the largest consumer pet show in Florida.

Taming Tip from Taming the Wild Side Dog Training

Contributed by Terri Elkins, Owner / Trainer - Taming the Wild Side Dog Training

Note from CP Blogger: We would like to thank Terri Elkins for allowing us to post her weekly taming tips on our blog. Her training facility is located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Each week we'll share a Taming Tip for you, your family and friends to do with your dog(s)! These tips will help teach your dog real world manners in a fun way. Leave us a comment and tell us how it went!

Taming Tip #4:

This is a great game to improve your dog's recall. Wait until your dog is in another area of your house, then go hide in another room and call your dog very exuberantly, using his name or the word "come". When your dog finds you, give him a treat. Play this game three or four times a day and see if your dog runs to you faster each time!

Taming the Wild Side Blog

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CP Foster Maestro Billy can do dishes! Won't you give him a 'furever' home?

Contributed by Billy's foster mom

Billy is so anxious to get adopted that he has started volunteering to do the dishes. This photo was taken by his new "auntie" who he stayed with for a long weekend. He stayed with Ann and Joleen for a long weekend along with his cairn cousins Marion (former CP) and Matoe and the cat. Billy thinks this photo belongs on his write-up page along with the quote "Will do dishes" ?

Billy is being fostered in Minnesota and you can learn more about him by clicking here.

Wacky Wednesday

Wednesday is the day to be WACKY! Each week we will showcase a terrierific cairn picture with an appropriate caption. If you have a terrierific cairn and would like us to consider YOUR picture and caption for an upcoming "Wacky Wednesday" send it to us at! (All photo submissions become the property of CPCRN and may be used for fundraising, promotion and/or outreach purposes.)

A big shout out to Neha for being the Wacky Wednesday model this week!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Everyone knows what they say the oldest occupation in the world is... Many of the Cairns that find their way to the Col. Potter family have been forced to participate in that occupation. But some have been lucky enough to also been cared for and yes, even loved by their owners even though they were among the "Working Class". Today four such Cairns found their way out of that situation when their owners became too elderly to continue their breeding operation and made the decision to surrender them to Col. Potter. They are Working Class no more!

Please meet the Working Class:

Gigolo: Male, wheaten, born 6/26/04

Imp: Female, wheaten, born 3/14/05

Tramp: Female, black brindle, born 3/2/05

Scamp: Female, wheaten, born 1/7/08

My thanks to Sharon J. for all her help in getting the Working Class into CP!!

This week the Working Class will be boarded and vetted and then will move on to foster homes where they will start the next phase of their lives -- RETIREMENT!!

Please help me welcome Working Class!!

Eraser shares sketches by Pablo Pacairno!

Cindy and I had our pictures drawn by the world famous artist Pablo Pacairno.

Eraser and Cindy U are being fostered in Pennsylvania and you can learn more about them and the other cairns available for adoption by clicking here.

Monday, February 21, 2011

February is Pet Dental Health Month!

February is dental health month for pets and a perfect time to schedule a visit for an examination!

Keeping your pet's teeth and gums in good shape has many more benefits than just fresh breath. Regular cleanings and a few minutes of brushing each week can help give your pet a longer, healthier life.

Bad breath in pets is just one sign of dental disease that can lead to other health problems. What's more, like people, your pet needs routine dental care too. Most dogs and cats develop dental disease by 3 years of age. And the faster the disease is treated, the easier it is to manage.

Warning signs to look for in your pet
• Bad breath
• Sensitivity around the mouth
• Loss of appetite
• Yellow or brown deposits on the teeth
• Bleeding, inflamed, or receding gums
• Loose or missing teeth
• Pawing at the mouth or face
• Difficulty chewing

Veterinary check-ups include monitoring your pet's dental health, but if you see any of these signs between visits, give your vet a call.

Animal Medical Center ( Mt. Pleasant, SC)

A New Boy Joins CP

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball. When Baxley’s mom unexpectedly had to take in her father’s cairn, Baxley had to move. Mom lives in one of those places that has strict limits on number of pets allowed and contacted us for help. Baxley is now a Col. Potter kid enjoying his new life and waiting for a new family to welcome him into their home. The volunteers who helped with his transport all described him as a sweet, friendly, and happy boy.

Today, Baxley is celebrating his 8th birthday. Welcome birthday boy!

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Sometimes a young Cairn can find themselves in a whole lot of trouble just because ... well, because they're Cairns and the people they live with may not understand just what that means. A young Cairn is rambunctious, inquisitive and will challenge everything. That's where they can get into trouble!

This adorable little boy found himself on death row at a shelter because his mom startled him while he was sleeping and his tooth came in contact with her finger, just scratching her. Nevertheless, she decided she could not keep him and surrendered him to the shelter for his 10 days of quarantine. The shelter's policy did not allow for him to be adopted, no matter how minor the incident, and the only way to save his life was for a rescue to step up and take him. When Col. Potter heard his plight, we rushed to his rescue and he was sprung from the shelter and became a member of the Col. Potter family!

Meet Jiminy. A cute male, wheaten cairn born on 4/4/10. Yes, this little boy is only 10 months old!!

My thanks to Holly C. for getting him out of "jail" and delivering him to our vet for his week of "spa treatment". Holly reports that he is a real live wire and literally jumped out of his crate at the shelter and came running into the waiting room, ready to get out of there. Please help me welcome "Jumpin" Jiminy!

Note from his foster mom :

He seems to be a sweetie. He LOVES attention and belly rubs. This first week is the hardest because he has to be separated from our two. I just opened the spare bedroom door so our two could see him and he could watch them. He's in a VE...RY LARGE wire crate and just sits and watches or lays down. Not one peep out of him last night. He's been very good about potties outside so far. His size amazed me - he's bigger than Wiggles and almost bigger than Tigger - even though he's only 12.8 lbs. He's a "little" stockey so we're working on that too.

He is being fostered in Illinois and will have a 2 week evaluation period before he is available for adoption.

Sunday Sweets

Sunday is full of SWEETS! Each week we will showcase the sweeter side of Cairns. If you have a sweet filled cairn and would like us to consider YOUR picture for an upcoming "Sunday Sweets" send it to us at! (All photo submissions become the property of CPCRN and may be used for fundraising, promotion and/or outreach purposes.)








Saturday, February 19, 2011

Aphrodite (Ditie) has 6 healthy puppies! 3 girls and 3 boys: We have pictures!

Written by 'Ditie' and her pups foster mom

It's happened! Aphrodite, the pregnant Cairn who was rescued from the OH hoarder has already given birth to 6 pups, 3 girls and 3 boys and all healthy weights!

This little girl truly IS the best dog ever. She walks beside you on a leash or dragging a leash in the backyard (while in labor). She comes when she's called. She waited until I'd had my shower this morning to whelp her puppies.

Ok, I was ALMOST dried off, but still, I think that's pretty good! And she was finished whelping 6 healthy puppies in 4 1/2 hours! (She'll even put her paws up on the side of the whelping box and give me kisses on my face.)

Here is a note from a very reputable breeder on why the babies are dark when she is so light:

With genetics, you are not breeding to the sire or the dam but rather to the grandparents and going back from there generations that compound in number if you breed in close family lines.

This is why when breeders who show spend so much time with pedigrees and traits, colors, health within those pedigrees. An example is that you can have a wheaten Mom and Dad but you can get the genes from compounded family members where in actuality you are introducing more BLACK from doubling up on other family members.

Taming Tip from Taming the Wild Side Dog Training

Contributed by Terri Elkins, Owner / Trainer - Taming the Wild Side Dog Training

Note from CP Blogger: We would like to thank Terri Elkins for allowing us to post her weekly taming tips on our blog. Her training facility is located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Each week we'll share a Taming Tip for you, your family and friends to do with your dog(s)! These tips will help teach your dog real world manners in a fun way. Leave us a comment and tell us how it went!

Taming Tip #2:

Walk your dog throughout your house, stopping at each door. Ask your dog to sit and wait for the door to be opened. Open the door, and have your dog wait for your cue to walk through the door. (My release word for Glacier is "Okay".) As long as your dog waits for your cue, it doesn't matter who goes through the door first. Have fun, be patient, and teach your dog in baby steps. For example, if your dog will only sit and wait until you touch the doorknob, click and treat and keep working toward being able to open the door completely.

Taming the Wild Side Blog

Bonus Tip:
Look through all of your dog's toys and take out the toys that he or she doesn't play with anymore and donate them to your local dog shelter. The toy you give away could be another dog's treasure.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Contributed by CP's VP of Intakes

The eleven Famous Lovers that Carolynne and Paula picked up from the Medina SPCA on Tuesday are being boarded at a private facility while they go through their "spa treatment" of bathing and vetting. The people who are caring for them are spending many hours with these babies hoping to wash away not only the physical dirt and scars from their past life, but are also working on the mental scars. Their work is a true labor of love! I received the following message this morning and asked if I could share it with you. It brought both a HUGE smile to my face and tears to my eyes. This is what Col. Potter does. We take on the tough cases, we take in the large groups, we find a way to make it happen. Right now, we could really use your help to continue this work. Please consider donating to help the Famous Lovers ...

The message I received is below in blue:

Do you know what hell is like?
I had a glimpse of it today.
It looks like the blank, lifeless, terrified eyes of a hoarder’s victim.
It looks like matted hair, long claws, filthy and sore skin that give constant irritation.
It smells like urine, feces, vomit and stale breath from poor nutrition.
It feels like fear, uncertainty, loneliness, hunger and thirst.
It looks like ugliness, it feels like despair, it is hopelessness.

Do you know what heaven is like?
I had a glimpse of it today.
It looks like a flicker of direct eye contact, expecting a gentle touch.
It looks like cleanliness, freshly bathed hair and skin, and comfort.
It smells like fresh air, clean water and good food.
It feels like safety, comfort, security, a full tummy and kind pats.
It looks like relaxation, it feels like happiness, it is hope!

In a short 48 hours I have seen the remarkable resilience of the Cairn Terrier. From the first night of non-stop barking, snarling and frenzy there has been a slow progression to a calmer, more predictable, atmosphere. Tonight, after a very busy day and every one had gone, I spent almost 2 hours finishing up and cleaning up the kennel for the night. Tonight was different. No barking, no frenzied jumping around. Tonight they all watched me calmly, stretched out to relax, and some even drifted off to sleep. It was quiet, calm, a time of peace and tranquility. No anxiety, no need, and no suffering. As I turned off the light and told all the babies goodnight, no one stirred, all were calm and it was probably, as close as I can see from here, to being heaven.

A very rewarding day indeed!!

Ask CP foster Eraser for Advice!

Because i have so much time on my hands here in the mayors office i decided to start an advice column! so any problem anyone has, dog or people, address it to me Eraser in "Ask Eraser", i will try to answer all,remember tho a dawgg has a different way of looking at things as a people does, from the desk of Eraser mayor of inwood

Hello, Mr Mayor. I have a question and the girls and I don't know what the answer is: Do you think it is OK to eat soap?

Mom has me on this diet for dogs with crummy liver function, so the food service around here is pretty marginal. This weekend, I did manage to snag a bunch of fish oil capsules (I am still burping fish--yumm) but mom is pretty alert with that "No! Not for boys!" yell.

So, she got this present thing that had a bag of this really good smelling thing that had a picture of a goat on it. While she was in the kitchen, I got it off the coffee table and investigated. It was pretty tasty but did sort of have a little aftertaste. And that bag it was in was sort of hard to chew through. When mom found out she was mad and I heard her say, "Don't eat my present!"

Do you think this stuff is on my diet? And should I try to get it down off the counter for a second gnaw? I figured you'd know because you are the mayor and everything.

Slater in TX

Answer: Dear Slater in Tx: As you know the golden rule of being a cairn is… if it moves kill it…if it doesnt move chew it…if it stinks roll in it then eat it…if its someone elses pee on it then its yours, since the chupacabra soap didn’t move and smelled like a goat the rule is clear, and your mum was wrong to scold you.

And why didnt she eat the soap first if she thinks she is the boss? Is her name on the counter? is there a no trespassing sign on it anywhere? she doesnt have much of a property rights claim on it. I rule "finders keepers losers weepers" to make sure this doesnt happen again please pee on all your personal property, that way mum wont get confused about who owns stuff

Eraser mayor of inwood

Eraser is being fostered in Pennsylvania and you can learn more about him and the other cairns available for adoption by clicking here.

Friday's Funnies

Raising Duncan

by Chris Browne

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Please welcome Allyraine!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Recently a cute, little, healthy, squirrel crazy, ball playing, cat chasing, 3 year old girl named Allyriane became the latest Col. Potter princess. Her family's situation changed due to jobs, travel and relocation. Faced with all the changes in our current economy, her family wanted to make sure this sweet cairn girl would be able to have a new home that was safe, secure and loving. Col. Potter said yes -we can help find all that and more for Allyriane.

Allyriane has unpacked her bags at her foster home and adjusting to the big change. She's already taken a nice walk and impressed everyone with her great leash skills. Allyriane is a ready to go princess and a welcome addition to the Col. Potter family. Thank you to everyone for making it possible for Allyriane to be a Col. Potter kid!

Bucky joins CP!

Written CP Intakes volunteer

CP welcomes Bucky, a sweet 8 year old wheaten cairn boy. He was surrendered to a vet who contacted another rescue for help. That rescue referred the vet to Col Potter. We have worked quite a bit in together the past, so they knew the level of care we provide, hoped we could help Bucky.

Bucky is reported to be very sweet and friendly, loving to follow his people around. He is heading to his foster home tomorrow, as long as the weather cooperates! He is going to make an adoptive family very happy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rothko joins CP!

Written by a CP Intakes volunteer

Rothko is a cute, dark brindle boy and estimated to be 3 years old. He has had a rough start in his life and ended up in the shelter only to be adopted and then returned. When the shelter manager contacted Intakes to help Rothko. Shelter workers knew that a cairn rescue was the place for Rothko where any family interested would be screened and understand what Rothko needs in a family. We were able to say Yes because of all the great volunteers that give of their time and funds to help cairns in need.

Rothko's future is now looking up and I’m sure it won’t be long before he has a family that truly understands him! He is having his spa treatment this week and is said to be a sweetheart by the staff. He will be headed to his foster home this next weekend and a new chance to a new beginning!

Welcome Rothko!


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Valentine's a day for love and be close to someone special. Everyone wants to be loved and have someone to love. That includes the more than 100 dogs seized in the Medina, OH incident this past weekend. From what we know, these poor creatures lived in deplorable conditions; cramped cages, their own filth and excrement, fighting for food and water. They didn't know love or comfort.

Maybe it's symbolic ... Valentine's Day, February 14...a day filled with Famous Lovers and their stories. Col. Potter has identified 14 of the dogs as Cairns and all will be coming into the CP family. They will now learn what it is to be loved and cared for and create their own stories of Famous Lovers. This is a major undertaking for CP with a group of this size while still being able to help the other Cairns that need us. We will be announcing a fundraiser shortly to help support the Famous Lovers. We still have much to learn about CP's Famous Lovers as far as their condition, age and temperament, but today these Famous Lovers finally have someone to love and care about them--their CP family. Introducing CP's Famous Lovers:

Aphrodite - pregnant female

Adonis - male

Abelard - male

Heloise - female

Cyrano - male

Echo - male

Pierrot - male

Romeo - male

Juliet - female

Paolo - male

Roxanne - female

Pierrette - female

Narcissus - female

Francesca - female

Please save a special place in your heart today for these babies, CP's Famous Lovers. It is only through the support and generosity of you, CP's supporters that make helping these furkids possible. Today is truly a day of love and caring ... WELCOME FAMOUS LOVERS!!!

You can also donate by clicking on the Chip-In link at the top of this page. Thank you for you continuing support of Col. Potter.