Friday, October 28, 2011


Shared by CP's founder

Hi friends: I couldn't help but share our CPCRN "MONSTER MASH" YouTube with you all again. I JUST LOVE THIS, and I know that you will also or can surely relate. These are mostly rescued fur kids, many who were commercial breeder dogs . . . . NOW WHAT IS IT THAT MANY PEOPLE STILL THINK about rescue or commercial breeder kids . . . . OH, that's right . . that they can't be rehabilitated and join right in. BOY, does this prove people wrong.

At our last West Virginia CRAP in 2009, we took pictures of all of the fur kids that participated in our costume parade, so you never know if in the future we will have another version of this great video to share.

Don't forget to send in ALL of your pictures of your fur kids that you may want in a video in the future to: CPCRNPhotos . . . your fur kid can ALSO be a star. Enjoy this and please leave feedback. Thanks.

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