Saturday, December 26, 2009

Cuzak and Winfrey

Dere Aunties,Uncles & Matchmakers(UmHum),

Dis iz Cuzaks & Winfrey. We were wondering if u might hab a fambily looking for 1 or 2 great dispositioned Cairns who LOVE let me repeat LOVE SNOW! We got about 1 inch a couple of days ago & we went wild running in it,sliding the side of our face in it rolling around on our backs and eating it. What fun!! Dat mean ole foster Mom yesterday made us go in our apt cuz we I mean me(Cuzak) would not stay in & get warm. I would sit outside & cry asking my sisters & brother to come & play but they all stayed in after a bit to get warm. So I was forced to do the same thing. Did I mention Winfrey & I get along great most of the time if we don't it is when she is telling me to behave. I try to tell everyone to behave when Foster Mom yells at one of us but I just get in trouble she says she is the boss what a rip.

We can go separate but we really get along & complement each other. i do not like to snuggle all day like Winfrey. We really like Christmas cookies too. Winfrey has better manners than me but I can sit on command sort of & she can't. But she waits for foster Mom before going through a door, me I have no time to waste I might miss something. Snuggling on a couch not for me but Winfrey will snuggle all night there or on Moms lap at the puter me 5 minutes tops. I found a favorite ball & that is the first thing I look for in the morning sometimes before I can even go potty. Once I find it everyone else wants it go figure you would think foster Mom could afford more than one toy. She always tells us the are at least 100 laying around but I don't fink anyone else can see them but her. Maybe her brain is slipping..CUCKOO CUCKOO. So anyway talk to you all soon. I forgot I do most of the talking Blackhawks is a LITTLE Quieter than I am or so Foster Mom tells everyone. We both go to our crates & sometime I even tell foster Mom I am ready for bed.

You can find out more about us by clicking here. We're in Missouri. Maybe you'll even decide to adopt us (hint! hint!)

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