Thursday, December 24, 2009

I haves a new bestist friend

Written by Kringle, Dressing's new foster brother

Dressing and Kringle

R Mom & Dad bringed home a nu fosser sister. Her is berry berry little nberry berry scared. So ob course, being da man ob da house after Dad eye has to take care ob her. Most ob da sisters is a big pain in da wagger. Specially dat sister Tia who finks dat her needs to keep my under arms clean and mi ears chewed on.

But dis little fosser sister is a cutie pie. Her is no pwoblem at all, so eye lets her be wif me and I takes care ob her.

Ifin any ob U cuzins needs a nu sister 4 Christmas, axe Santi Paws if dare is room on his flyin dog bed 4 Dressing, cuz her is a real sweetheart nher needs her berry own forever home.

Her tail is not up yet.. but she is working on it.

Is it OK if I is wif U Kringle?

Why sure it is little Dressing, it is berry safe in the desk cave.

U is safe wif me, eye is da Man dawg

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