Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"There's No Place like Home"

Written by a CP Volunteer

As, Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz kept saying "There is no place like home",
"There is no place like home".

Well, cairns cannot wear ruby red slippers and they are not able to
'click' their heels to make this wish come true. But we humans can.

For some of these kids, they have been living a life of a very bad dream,
they have been caught up in that nasty old twister that took Dorothy and
Toto away and they are wishing to find that wonderful forever home that just
lies over the rainbow.

And others have been pulled from a loving home that they have always known, for their past family could not continue to give them love and housing due to their current economic situation. These cairns, too, are looking for that new forever home which waits at the end of the rainbow.

Where is this place called home? It could be at your house, your
neighbor's house, a friend's house. We just need you to pass the word.

And what is a home to these kids? A home of love, food and shelter, a
loving hand, a gentle touch. Just like when Dorothy awoke from her dream –
her family was there to welcome her with a gentle touch and love. That's
the place called "No place like home".

If you cannot adopt one of these loving kids, then possibly you could
foster one, or become a guardian angel to one. Thank goodness Dorothy and
Toto had their guardian angel (Glenda, the good witch) watching over them.

Everyone wants a home for the holidays...and forever.

Please visit our available cairns page to offer one of our cairns in need of a forever home a home for the holidays and forever.

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