Thursday, January 7, 2010


Written by CP's VP of Intakes

2009 is now history and our thoughts and efforts are now turned to 2010. However, before we walk away totally from 2009, I would like to give you some final numbers for the year.

The Rescue/Intakes Team spent countless hours searching websites for Cairns in Need through Petfinder, PetHarbor, craigslist, classified ads, kill shelters and other sites. The Intakes Team made contact with hundreds of possible surrenders from individual owners, shelters, other rescue groups, vets and commericial breeding facilities. Additionally, the Rescue/Intakes Team worked with owners on training and behavior issues to allow pets to remain in their homes. We worked with shelters to cross-post Cairns on the CP website to assist in finding them their forever home. We also helped to locate other rescue groups that could take Cairns and non Cairns that CP couldn't.

All in all, during 2009, the Rescue/Intakes Team made more than 3000 contacts of Cairns in Need!

And now, the all important number ... in 2009, CP welcomed into their loving arms ... 424 Cairns!!! This is ONE more Cairn than in 2008. This is no small feat considering the economy, having to work harder for every dollar donated, fewer interested adoptive homes and the ever growing amount of Cairns that need rescue help.

This would not have been possible without each and every one of you, giving of your time, your talents and yes, your money! Thanks to you 424 little Cairns now have the chance at freedom, love and a happily ever after!!

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