Sunday, January 31, 2010

New Pictures and updates on Joie's puppies

Written by Joie's foster mom

You asked for it!

Here's the news on Joie's puppies.

Glee has found a forever home in Minnesota. Her mama and daddy will be coming down to pick her up sometime the middle of February. We're still talking to adoptive homes for Jocularity and Mirth.

Everybody has their ears up. They are pooping and piddling on the piddle pad (mostly). Glee has had a couple of nights in the crate where she has been clean AND dry in the morning. The boys are clean, but not dry yet.

Everybody has a hearty appetite and runs and plays. Joc does as much up and down when he runs as he does going forward. We call him Abercrombie because he looks like he should be modeling Abercrombie and Fitch clothes. Mirth is quiet, independent, but comes up for snuggles frequently. And Glee just wants to be held and get all the attention.




Joie was spayed and had her dental last Monday. She did well. She didn't lose any teeth, although the vet said she was already missing several and the ones that are left are worn down a lot. She's only 4 years old. She had kind of a rough time bouncing back from surgery. She slept a lot on Tuesday and wasn't her usual happy self. But she's feeling better everyday and is starting to trot around with a spring in her step again.

Mama Joie

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