Sunday, January 3, 2010

Then there were two - of Stinger's puppies!

Written by Slush's foster mom

Slush puppy is now a North Carolina resident! I believe he'll be close to Toto fka Padraig, so his new mom will have to give them a call and go meet my little guy. His new name is Roy (for Roy Williams, former KU BB coach, now at the U of NC) - Barney is an avid KU BB fan, and Roy's new dad graduated from there and also follows Roy's boys, so they thought Roy was a fitting name.

Slush nka Roy has a nine year old three legged Cairn brother named Jack who waited at home for his arrival instead of coming with the family for Christmas get-togethers in SW MO last week. His family has a human brother who is a senior in HS and his sis is in college a couple of hours away, and this is a picture I took of him the night before with one of Barney's favorite ornaments on our tree.

The puppies are 14 weeks old. They're sleeping quietly in crates at night,doing a fairly good job understanding pottying is best done outside (OK,they still go in the ex pen, but we haven't had an accident in a crate or when they're running in the house in weeks), and they're a blast to have around. They still get quite a bit of time in an ex pen as the adult dogs tire of them after about an hour of their antics, so we have a number of supervised play sessions a day. But Fizz will be leaving next week (weather permitting) for OKC, and we'll close down the big double pen we've had for them and set up an ex pen in the family room with us so he's not alone in the den. I'm sure it will hit me then that Stinger's babies are all grown up. Swizzle is a little talker - he greets you with arroooos and does a little prance in excitement when you first greet him. Today he saw Barney walk thru the side yard and sounded the alert, arroooing from the safety of the top of the steps to the couch.

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