Saturday, January 2, 2010

Update on Cotton

Written by Cotton's foster Mom

Hi, all. I haven't posted anything recently regarding Cotton, so I thought I'd just give everyone a heads up on how she's doing. Cotton is amazing! You would never know she went through all that surgery and endured that huge seroma on her tummy for weeks. There is no stopping her now! I don't think she's all that thrilled with the snow, but she plows her way through it. My kids hop through it, but Cotton PLOWS it.

She made a trip to the "spa" yesterday to have a bath and get a trim. And guess what? I can see her eyes now and they're quite lovely! I think it was a little tramatic for her, because she was pretty subdued last night. She cuddled with me for quite a while (Cotton LOVES to be held). But she's back to her normal self this morning, teasing my furkids and playing with the toys. She got really mad at me the other night because I put all the toys back in the toy box which sits right outside her x-pen in the living room. Then I went to bed. Well, she wanted those toys OUT of the toy box, so she did something she's never does when she's in the x-pen...she barked. And she barked. And she barked. I finally had to move the box out of her sight in order to get some sleep. The next morning, I put the box back and she removed all the toys from the box and was very happy about it, too!

So thanks again to everyone who prayed for Cotton and participated in the Guardian Angel program on her behalf.

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