Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Update on Silk

Written by Silk's foster mom

It's been a whirlwind of excitement in our household for the past few weeks. The holidays were wonderful, especially having Silk and her crew with us. Silk has been and continues to be a great mom. She has taken it upon herself to start weaning her pups, which exactly coincided with my schedule on weaning them. Silk still nurses her babies, but she is enjoying being with my pack longer each day. She helped me paper-train the pups, all three, within days.

We finally got to panacur her twice, and I am looking forward within the next month or so to get her to her spa treatment at the vet's office. She is in desperate need of a dental, and we will be so happy when she is spayed. I am anxious to start Silk on her way to pet hood, something that has been put on hold for the past two months while she was pregnant and then raising her puppies. Silk is still extremely skittish around people, but with each passing day, seems a little calmer. She knows her name, and last night she even ventured into the family room when called. She seems to be potty trained, but I'm holding off with that claim, just in case I'm the one who's trained! Silk continues to smile, warming everyones heart that see her. She will make a wonderful pet someday with a little patience and guidance.

Be sure to check back later this afternoon for an update on the puppies!

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