Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Update on Silk's Puppies, Dex, PK and Cord

Written by the pups' foster mom

Cord, PK and Dex


He is our big boy,and is turning out to be one beautiful cairn. His coloring is so rich, so red, some days he almost looks orange. He is our mild mannered puppy these days. Dex has given over the pack leader status to his sister and seems very happy with his decision. He takes a little longer to acclimate to new foods, surroundings and people. However, his shyness has not held him back,he weighs 60 oz now! He loves to play with his toys, especially tug of war with his sister. Dex promise to be a sweet wonderful little (well, maybe BIG) cairn man!


She is the smallest all the pups, she weighs in at 50 oz. There is no doubt she is the princess of the pack, even if her stature is small and petite. However, her petiteness doesn't hold her back, as PK is our pack leader. She is our little girl who does everything first. She took to puppy food with the first bite, the first one to tumble out of the whelping box, and the first one to tumble back in. PK was the first pup to discover toys, watching her walk around with a rubber doggy bone is priceless. She was also the first pup to sleep in the puppy doggy bed we have set up in the corner of the xpen. PK was also the first of the pups to be paper-trained. She is afraid of nothing, always the puppy you need to watch when opening up the xpen gates. PK meets you at the gates with her tail wagging; she was the first one of these pups to seek out love. PK never meets a stranger. When she wags her tail, her entire back end wags with it. PK has a beautiful black pointed face, most days my heart just melts when she looks up at me.


This is our little bear of a pup. He's just about 3.5lbs, and his hair is long and fluffy. Previously he stuck close to PK, but as PK became more independent, Cord turned to Dex for comfort. Cord and Dex are now the boys , hanging in the back ground, waiting for PK to investigate first. Cord has taken over the role as Mr. Piggy; this boy loves his puppy food. He is the first to run to the puppy bowl, and the last to leave it. He is also paper trained, and never misses his corner. Cord has been, and still is, the most laid back of Silk's three pups. Most days he joins in the puppy play, but there are those times he'd rather sit back and watch his brother and sister play. Still my favorite of the three, he has a cherub face, he should have a harp in one hand and wings on his back.

We will really miss them when they go to their furever homes.

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