Monday, January 18, 2010

Welcome JB and Ranger to CP - In Memory of a Loving Husband

Many aspects of rescue work are difficult ... having to say no to those we can't help, seeing the condition of some that we can help, and ultimately, despite our best efforts, still having them pass on to the Rainbow Bridge way too soon. But there is also the human emotional side that many times we don't see. Our Name a PM Kid program is a wonderful way to honor someone or give the gift that keeps giving. All the tributes are wonderful and so meaningful, but some just touch you a little more than others. So was the case with this particular donation. I could feel the love and memories still very much alive even though the particular person the donation was in memory of has been gone quite a few years. I hope John is pleased with my selection of the two boys named in his memory and honor. They are vastly different in many aspects including stage of their life, medical condition and even behavior, but I couldn't think of a better pair to cover the spectrum that was John's life. Sandy, THANK YOU for sharing your wonderful husband with all of us ...

I am honored to present to all of CP:

JB - male, black brindle, estimated to be at least 9 years old. This poor older boy has very few teeth remaining, clouded eyes and was so happy and contented to be on a soft towel in a warm crate on the way to the vet yesterday that he was totally at ease and sound asleep when they arrived.

Ranger - male, wheaten, 5 years old. This boy has the "big" eye syndrome and shows his fear by trying to "swim" away from the human holding him.

JB and Ranger were donated names from Sandy B. and she wrote: "My husband's name was John B. and he was a Park Ranger with Washington State Parks. His friends called him, JB. He passed away May, 1994 following his bone marrow transplant for multiple myeloma, bone marrow cancer - attributed to his exposure to Agent Orange when he served in Viet Nam." I hope you will all agree that CP's JB and Ranger personify what John stood for - a man who served his country, then worked to help people enjoy animals and nature, but didn't get to enjoy a long life. May John be looking down on JB and Ranger to keep them safe and give them a chance to enjoy freedom and a new life.

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