Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Welcome a Pair of Gems to CP

Written by CPs VP of Intakes

All gemstones when they come out of the earth are rough, jagged and lack luster. It takes special care to turn them into beautiful gemstones in jewelry and artwork.

Much is the same case with CP's Pair of Gems. Right now they are a little rough and lack luster, but just give them a bath, some grooming, and some TLC and you will see how beautiful they can be.

Onyx: Female, DOB 7/31/05, black brindle

Hematite: Male, DOB 4/5/04, black brindle

My thanks to our dedictaed volunteers for making a very long trip yesterday and not only picking up the Pair of Gems, but also JB and Ranger.

No matter which gem you prefer, I think you will agree they make a beautiful addition to the CP family.

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