Saturday, February 20, 2010

Col. Potter makes an impression at Westminster!

Written by a CP Volunteer

Col. Potter contingent at Westminster

Another card passed out this week! I wonder how many of them we were able to pass out all together! I was somewhat amazed by how our green shirts drew the attention of many many people. A man in the restaurant saw them and started laughing about Cairns and their personalities - he was a vet and knew them pretty well - he took a card too. So many people stopped us and wanted to know about the rescue group and everyone we talked to got a card. It was a wonderful way to spread the word about our rescue and about our desire to help any dog find a good home when possible. I think we may see more hits on our website from people that will go there to see our links to things as well.

One of the judges for the Westminster Kennel Club stopped and talked with us for a while too and she thought it was great that so many of us had come to the show. She said we should be very proud of ourselves for doing what we do. We ran into a few people that have actually adopted from us, one couple had been approved but adopted a Westie instead but said they were still thinking of adding a Cairn. It was fun to hear Angela, Marla and Deb tell about our group too - they were absolutely the best! I know a lot of people learned about us and our work and were very impressed. We even gave cards to some Scottie and Cairn owners whose dogs were in the show - they too thought it was great.

It was a wonderful time - both in seeing the beautiful representatives of our breed (and all of the other breeds too - wow - what beautiful dogs were there) and in sharing our work too! I had a most wonderful time!!

I think all of us were great representatives of our organization! If you would like to become part of the Col. Potter organization, please click here for information regarding volunteer opportunities.

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