Sunday, February 21, 2010


Contributed by a CP Volunteer

The setting: Snowy, mild sleet, yucky afternoon.

The atmosphere at home: "Honey, I checked mapquest and it will take 1 hr. 8 min. to get to the peoples home." Husband - "It'll take longer than that - closer to 1 1/2 hrs". Point to him - 1 hr. 27 min. to reach destination. Quick call to say "we'll be there a little later than planned". He says- "Told you so".

Driving - not too bad - salt trucks out - a little slick but not awful. He has to pee. "No time, we're already late".

FINALLY -Turn into subdivision --- MEGA, MEGA Buck homes. Can't see house numbers from road - gotta pull into the driveway. BEAUTIFUL brick posts & pillars on each side of the long, uphill driveway we THINK is the right house. NOPE - next house down the road. Backing up - WAIT - SLIDING - SLIDING - VERY SLICK DRIVEWAY - SLIDING DOWNHILL - BAM.

"Mmmmmm, honey, I hope the damage isn't as bad as that sounded"

My husband jumps out of the SUV to find that we KNOCKED DOWN the WHOLE solid Brick Post and the whole back of the SUV is caved in from the glass in the hatch door all the rest of the way down and under the car.

"Mmmmmmmmmm, honey, I'm going to walk down the road to the right house to do the HSV" - Mmmmmmm, honey - honey's not answering me but storming up to the house to talk to the people. I leave honey a note to tell him to come to the right house when he's done with business.

RING the doorbell, - "Hi Pam, I thought your husband was coming with you".

"Mmmmmm he's speaking to your neighbors"

"Oh, do you know them?" "They just moved in this past weekend and we haven't gotten a chance to say hi yet"

"Well, no we don't know them but we sorta had a little trouble backing out of their driveway".

HSV went on as planned and "Honey" showed up just as we were finishing.

Return trip:

Honey says "call the 24 hr. claims # and get this reported while I drive home".

"Mmmmmm sure". Get ahold of the claim rep. - Cell phone beeping - going dead - mad search for car charger - "YES" find it, plug phone in and continue.

"Honey" pulls into a McDonalds - mad dash to bathroom. Back in car, leaving - NO WAIT - I've got to go too!!!! WAVING MY HANDS - SHAKING MY HEAD - still on phone explaining what happened and why I'm calling if he was actually driving at the time -HE PULLS out of the parking lot - OH NO----I GOTTA GO.

Nope, we didn't stop until we got home. OH well, mission accomplished, report filed, Miss Wiggles and Miss Tigger are running wild and I think I'll watch a little TV to make sure "Honey" is asleep before I retire for the night!

The Upside - I WASN'T DRIVING!!!!!!!!!! So it wasn't MY fault!!!!

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