Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It Must have been contagious! Whist and Bridge on Transport

Contributed by a CP Intakes Coordinator

It must have been contagious! P. dropped off Whist and Bridge (the blindboy) at my house on her way home with Soitaire and Tarot. After potty breaks and an evening snack, I put the boys in the guest room. I put a small quilt in a large wire kennel for Bridge - I thought both boys could use some space to stretch out after a long journey.

I started to get Whist's kennel ready but he was at Bridge's kennel, nose to nose, wagging tails and whining (more like pining). I opened the kennel door and Whist jumped in with Bridge.They were happily snuggling and wanted to be together. They slept like lambs. In the morning they ate side by side. They played in the living room together. Although Bridge is supposed to be blind, he seems like there might be a little sight in some form or he has an incredible awareness of his surroundings. You can tell his sight isn't what is should be but to watch him maneuver around my house, where he had never been, was amazing.

When Whist is in his presence Bridge is more confident. Whist has the most endearing personality and adorable prance. Bridge is a little shyer but wags his tail & gives kisses as does Whist. Both will be together at their foster home. Even though they've been out of the commercial breeding facility for just a short time, they are curious and friendly! They are also magnet dogs .

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Jay said...

What a great pair these two are. It may be idealistic but it sounds like they are a team and it would be great if they could stay together. Their behaviour is reminiscent of twins who experience the world fully when each twin is present. They have a special bond.