Friday, February 12, 2010

A Letter from Stinger to her puppies

Contributed by Stinger's foster mom

Stinger's puppies, Slush, Fizz, Swizzle, and Shirley Temple, recently went to their forever homes. Momma Stinger writes:

Hi, kids! How are you all doing in your new homes? Foster mom has shown me some photos of some of you – Swizzle on the beach with his Dad, and Shirley in a beauty contest, and I’m sure Fizz and Slush are enjoying having a family of your own ‘cause we’ve had updates.

We had four inches of sloppy wet snow yesterday. But today, it was partly sunny and got warmer than those silly weathermen thought – it was a balmy 41 degrees! Click here to watch a video foster mom took of me and the other kids out in the snow this afternoon. Notice how my hair is growing long again after having that buzz cut by the guy where I used to live. Foster mom took the photo above of me yesterday and she says you kids look just like me.

So the reason I’m writing to you is to share MY news! I was so relieved when we got the chance to come live in freedom because the nice people at Col. Potter cared so much about helping us and other kids. I’m so glad you kids didn’t have your eyes open and couldn’t see where we used to live. I had some other babies while I was there – probably 2 litters a year – and if you remember, back between the Holidays I went to see the doctor and had some surgery – it was a good kind – it’s so I don’t have to be tired and have any more puppies. I’m retired now!

And just like you, there was a special family waiting to find me. It’s something I’ve always dreamed about, but I never knew it would come true. Yes, my family found me, and today I’m flying to meet them. My mom and dad will pick me up at the airport, and I’ve heard I’m going to have a 4 yr old Cairn sister named Zoe – she was a little timid like me when they found her. The best part of all this news is where my new home will be – sunny, warm, Miami, Florida! Yep, no more cold winters for me, I’ll be lying on the beach with a Cabana boy filling my water bowl!

Foster mom and dad would really like to hear from us all every now and then – you know they loved us a lot , and we kind of took a piece of their hearts with us when we left. I’m sure they’ll share the info they get with all of us so we can keep in touch. So you kids be good and mind your new moms and dads. Don’t worry about me now, ‘cause I’ve got a home, too!

Lots of love and licks,

Your Momma Stinger

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