Monday, March 1, 2010

New book "Chow Hounds" - available March 2010 - addresses dog obesity

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

Today, on March 1, the book "Chow Hounds" (ISBN13 978-0757313660) by Ernie Ward, DVM,will be available for sale. You can read the reviews and pre-order at several online book ordering sites (e.g. Amazon,,, etc). I recently read a proof of this book and it is fabulous. It addresses finding pet food,understanding the pet food labels, exercise, activities, supplements, common snacks that we feed our dogs, contains yummy recipes and even gives recommended feeding guides for all types of dogs.

Dr. Ward discusses weight loss, how to tell if your dog food isn't right and provides calorie recommendations based onyour dog's weight. Once I started reading the book, I couldn't put it down. Shockingly, if we feed our furkids one common dog treat, it is the equivalent of us eating 1/2 a pizza. Dr. Ward even recommends veggies as snacks and his research is extensively insightful.I started putting his advice into practice with my fluffy-girl and hope to have her several pounds lighter in a few months.

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