Monday, February 15, 2010

Puppy News! Glee and Jocularity are going to their homes!

We have some new congratulations for these little puppies.....

We just heard this morning that Glee will be staying in town as a St. Louis girl. She will be a little sister for a darling 4 year old cairn boy named Petey. Her new name is Emily and she will be going home this Saturday.

Jocularity will be going to Oklahoma City. He will be the prince of his household with his mom and grandma to dote on him. His new name is Jock. (I think it fits him.)

Jock's mom recently lost her 15 year old cairn and only lasted about 3 days without a cairn in the house before she filled out an adoption application for a new kid. (I know JUST how she feels!)

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