Saturday, February 27, 2010

Starry Night's Interview

Written by Starry Night's Mom

The reporter came this afternoon for Starry Night's interview. I have to tell you, I was totally cracking up! I am not kidding you, Starry just knew that Stephanie was there for her!! First, she greeted her at the door and when we sat down on the couch, Starry sat right between us and kept "talking" to Stephanie. She put her paws on Stephanie's legs and then laid on her leg with her feet on the notepad. I asked Tony to run and get the camera, but of course, he wasn't able to get pictures when she would do this.

You can see in these pictures that she was very interested in what we were talking about, too. Oh, and you can see my shy girl, Bree on the other side of me, which also surprised me. I think the interview went really well. I gave her a lot of information about CPCRN, puppy mills, and of course, Starry's story. Stephanie was bummed that the voting was over for Starry Night, because she wanted to add her link! Boy, just think of the votes we would have had, if she did!

Please click the link at the top of the blog to vote for Abby this week in Bissell's contest to win money for CP! Each of the weekly top 5 winners advance to the finals and there are significant cash prizes to the winner's favorite animal rescue. Bissell contacts the local papers in the winner's area to interview them.

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