Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Abby's Big Adventure

Written by Abby's foster mom

I am Abby. The other day I had what Foster Mom called a Big Adventure. I was hanging out in the yard with my foster posse, when this man came into the yard. He left the gate open and we all took off. I was very excited and ran like the wind, all of a sudden I was running alone, the posse went back to the yard to get treats. I thought about returning too but then I caught a really good smell and I was off again.

So when I decided that it was time to go home I discovered I was lost. I saw this fence that looked like the fence that went around my yard I worked really hard and found a way through it. Well it was not the yard and I was tired and full of burrs so I sat down to take a rest. There was this big noisy thing coming down the tracks (yep train tracks) I was scared so I got really low to hide. A man on the train called an engineer hopped off the train and scooped me up. I was suddenly riding the rails.

Well my disappearance caused quite a commotion and people all over were alerted to my escape. Some network told everyone I took off. My foster Mom came home from work and foster Daddy was really upset and tired from running after me. They got in the car to look for me. I was lucky I had my tag on because the engineer looked at the number called it and spoke to a lady in Ohio who talked to foster Mom. The engineer and foster mom talked on the phone and figured out how to get me back. I got to be on the train for a 6 mile ride, It was fun but very loud with yucky smells called diesel and creosol. I was really happy to see foster Daddy who spoke to me about the dangers of life on the lam.

I thinks that I would like to have another big adventure but I thinks I will wait for a forever family who can hold the end of my leash and keep me safe. You can click here to learn more about me.

Lub Abby

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