Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Cairns and the Cobra

Contrubuted by a CP Foster Home

So it is a beautiful spring day here is Arlington TX, sixty some degrees out. I decide to take my plants back outside for the summer so I have the back door wedged open. In and out I go, all the while noticing Max is at the fence line trying to worry something out of the weeds. Every now and again he jumps back and shakes his head, but goes right back to it. I go and retrieve another plant from in the house and just as I walk out the door again I see Max a few feet away from the fence trying to nip at something in the grass. I head over that way asking him what he has, a large lizard? Haven't I told him to leave the lizards alone?? Just as I walk up to him he steps back to reveal his prize. There it was, an almost completely alive SNAKE!!!!!! My armpits start tingling and sweating and I am frozen in place.

Like a flash foster Cisco runs in, takes one smashing bite, drops it and walks away, his job is done (told you this boy was great). Then a second flash, foster Onyx streaks in and grabs the intruder and heads for the open door. Before I know what I am doing I have Ony around the back of the neck as far away from my body as possible yelling at her 'DROP IT', she ain't dropping it! So I start shaking her little self back and forth, still no release. All the time she is wagging her tail and eyeing up the open door to inside my house, I know what is on her mind. Finally she drops it and I snatch her up so I can get the pooper scooper in order to get rid of it. I barely manage to get the entire thing in the pooper scooper, it was monstrous. Set the pooper scooper on top of the hot tub and go to get the camera.

When I get in the house I tell the dh about the gigantic cobra with the biggest snake mouth I have ever seen. He will handle this !?!, so he grabs his walking stick that he calls his snake charmer and follows me out. I ready the camera and as I point the camera at the thing it starts whithering and moving. I thought it was dead but NOOOOOO, there it was trying to strike out and bite me. I had to have the dh take the pictures, I was too busy grabbing my armpits. He snaps a few pictures and then hefts the thing over the fence into the neighbors yard (we don't like them anyway) and now he is strutting around like a rooster, big hero he says (you can't see it but my eyes are rolling).

So I am done for the day, I have had more than enough nature. And now I have to buy a new pooper scooper cuz I ain't using that snake encrusted one anymore! If someone had told me there would be snakes I never would have gotten up this morning. Sorry if I offended any snake lovers out there, but I don't understand why god made these things.

Is it wine time yet?

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