Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Carthage survives her surgery- won't you be her guardian angel?

The time had come when a decision had to be made for Carthage. Our little girl's ALP has continued to climb into dangerous levels despite every effortknown to support and help her liver and bring the results down. The cancerous mass continued to grow. The heartworms and the effect they are having on her heart and lungs also are a big factor. With all these factors going against her, Carthage's time is short unless we can get that cancerous mass off of her.

The decision had been made ... Carthage would have surgery tomorrow afternoon. It's her only chance ... Tonight, I placed a special order for Carthage's dinner menu ... she enjoyed a big, juicy hamburger ... the first ever in her life. The entire staff at our vet is absolutely in love with this sweet, older girl. She has known kindness,comfort and love for the first time in her life.

Tomorrow, before being put under for surgery, Carthage will get a BIG hug and kiss and told how much her Col. Potter Family loves her. All I want is to be able to place another special dinner menu order tomorrow night for Carthage ... I'm thinking chicken sandwich because it's healthier.

Please join me in asking for guidance for the surgeon's hands, that the cancer has not spread throughout Carthage's body and that she has enough Cairn spirit and fight left in her to survive the approximately two hour surgery and begin the next part of her journey to freedom in her loving foster home who is waiting for her.

Our girl is one tough little Cairn!!! Surgery took more than two hours. The mass was huge, more than 4" long and tightly adhered to her muscle walls. She has 4 incisions throughout her abdomen and chest, the longest being more than 9" long to be able to get at the tumor from all angles and detach it from the muscles and other organs. Carthage held her vitals throughout the surgery. Her liver looks very pale and swollen. Hopefully getting that cancerous mass out of her with the massive networks of vessels leading from it will allow her liver to heal.

The next 24 hours are critical for Carthage. She is on IV and someone will be watching her most of the night. BUT, SHE MADE IT!!!

I've attached a picture of Carthage post op with her pretty pink bandage holding her IV in place.

Her surgery was amazing, but didn't come without a cost. If you are interested in helping to fund the cost of Carthage's surgery and vet stay, please visit the website to make a donation and indicate it is for Carthage. She will also be going into our Guardian Angels program so you can give to her in that way as well.

It was a GREAT day for our Cairn girls, both Carthage and Chloe coming through with flying colors!!!

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