Saturday, March 6, 2010


This will be my final update on Carthage ... as she's moving to her foster home today.

This little girl has had an incredible journey so far and now has more roads to travel. Carthage has an amazing spirit and attitude, not to mention her will to live. If she didn't, she wouldn't have survived to this point.

I have to tell you a couple of cute stories about our Carthage. Immediately following surgery, the vet tech was rubbing and stroking Carthage to get her to come out from the anesthesia. the first sign of "life" was Carthage's little tail thumping. That night, Carthage had an IV hooked up to keep hydrated. She promptly chewed the IV, not once, not twice, but three times. The IV was removed after the third time. And finally, she left her incision alone for two days following surgery, but as of yesterday afternoon, she has started to wear her "halo" to keep her from licking her incision.

Carthage still has a long road ahead of her to not only heal from this major surgery, but to undergo heartworm treatment and then hope the tumor doesn't grow back or at least not for many years to come. Please remember Carthage is a Guardian Angel dog and you can help by donating to cover her medical expenses. CP would not be able to help Cairns like Carthage without your support.

Finally, I've attached a picture of Carthage's belly and chest following surgery. Quite a nice piece of surgery pulling 4 incisions all into one seam by our wonderful vet. The entire vet staff has asked for frequent updates on Carthage as they've all fallen love with this special girl. Foster mom Lynn in KS will have quite a fan club following her foster girl's progress!!

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