Friday, March 26, 2010


Written by a CP Media Volunteer

Macallan is an energetic senior guy who may be as young as 9 or as old as 12 or 13. His journey into Col. Potter began when he was surrendered to a New York police station over a year ago. He was then sent to Animal Control, where his future was grim at best. He landed at an Animal Care facility where he remained sweet and calm, although he must have been confused and frightened. Most of his health problems might have been very minor had they been caught earlier by regular veterinary care. Many might not have occurred at all. He probably wasn't feeling too well either, as he was desperately in need of a dental, and passing blood in his urine.

One of his issues was a large bladder stone which was removed in a 2 hour 45 minute surgery. Although he must have been experiencing quite a bit of discomfort, he didn't have one accident in his foster home. He spent awhile recuperating after having most of his teeth extracted and his bladder stone removed. Now he charms people with his snaggle toothed grin! He can use the doggie door and he will also let you know if he needs to go out if he is in another part of the house.

He wants you to know that even though he’s an old guy, he’s a sweet guy. He is healthy for his age and can still hop up onto the sofa or bed and goes up and down the stairs with no problem. He is equally friendly to males and females and good with teenagers. A typical cairn, he does chase cats. He likes to play with his younger foster brother and is very vocal when he lets everyone know what a good time he is having. Foster mom says that he doesn’t hear that well anymore and that may be why he gets so chatty. As you can see above, he loves “le pool”.

He loves to be with people and doesn’t like being left behind. Foster mom had hoped that he could stay with them, but it has become apparent that he would be much happier in a home with someone who could keep him company most of the time. Since foster mom and dad work and the kids are at school all day, he gets nervous without people around. He’s just fine when his people come back.

Macallan doesn’t like closed doors and is happiest when he can see someone. He gets very excited about walks and he loves to be chased in the yard.

He does the gopher sit when he wants something from the dinner table. After mealtime, he runs to his towel and wipes his face clean! He is always happy to see you and his tail seems to wag in complete circles! He would love to live out his years with you at his side. Won’t you consider giving him the ‘chance of a lifetime’?

Please click here to get to know him through his pictures! You can learn more about him and his journey in CP by following this link .

Macallan is presently being fostered in Canada. Please click here to complete an adoption application or contact your matchmaker if you are interested in him as there is some assistance available in transporting him.

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