Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Life is Berry Good in CP

Written by CP's VP of Intakes

Have you ever stopped to think about what must go through the minds of the little Cairns that come from a breeding facility and then suddenly find themselves in the loving arms of Col. Potter? No more sleeping on wire crates, in the cold, wet and heat, plenty of good food and clean water, a bath and grooming to remove the years of filth from their coats and skin, medical attention for infections and injuries and most importantly, a gentle, caring, loving human touch. I hope they think Life is Berry Berry Good in CP!!

Thanks to the efforts of MANY CP volunteers, five little Cairns made their way to freedom yesterday. Today they traveled to Oz Project which is once again open and ready to welcome CP Cairns! My thanks to everyone who made this possible this weekend!!

Please help me welcome the Life is Berry Berry Good Kids:

Strawberry: Female, born 11/14/05

Cranberry: Female, born 11/18/03

Raspberry: Female, born 10/3/05

Elderberry: Male, born 10/22/07

Blackberry: Male, born 10/30/07

All of these PM kids are only able to come into CP when we have enough resources to care for them. One of the major fundraisers we have to cover the costs for the Life is Berry Berry Good Kids and all the others is through the New Leash on Life. Please support the NLOL and share CP's stories, or should I say the stories of the furkids of CP, with your friends, coworkers, with everyone and ask them to help support CP and our efforts to give even more little Cairns a Berry Berry Good Life!!

Please vote once a day for Col. Potter in the Animal Rescue Site's "Shelter Challenge"! Search for Col. Potter in Medina, OH. Feel free to cross-post and please pass this on to your friends and neighbors!

Vote in the Shelter Challenge by clicking the following link: VOTE HERE

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