Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Written by a CP Volunteer and Abby's Foster Mom

Mary's foster Albuquerque is home safely. I got a call from two gentlemen who were on a TRAIN. They said they found the dog running on the tracks!!! She was wearing the wrong tag so initially I thought I was dealing with *another* lost dog....but it turned out that for some reason Abby was wearing the tag of another of Mary's dogs.

Now this tale has a happy ending because there are good people in this world. She ran on to the railroad tracks and was afraid to move so the conductor picked her up put her on the train. She had her CPCRN tag on so they knew who to call and they got in contact with Bonnie who called me, Abby's foster mom.

Abby was having fun she got to ride on a Union Pacific double Diesel engine. I zoomed down the road for 6 miles met the train. The conductor stopped the train to let miss Abby off so she could return home. And for her efforts of escape her only reward was lots of burrs and creosol from the rail road ties.. It was a very scary two hours for that little girl but it could have been much, much worse. Thanks to all who prayed for Abby's safety and safe return.

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