Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Timely Tips for Cold Weather and your Pets

Outdoor Dwellers

Does your dog or cat spend the day outside while you are at work? Outdoor cats and dogs need special consideration during winter months. Make sure they have an insulated, enclosed “house” to escape the elements, with a flap door that does not face into the wind. Use straw or shavings as bedding rather than old blankets. Old blankets will retain moisture as well as providing a prime breeding ground for molds and parasites, as well as insect pests. A fleece or wool blanket on top of a thick layer of bedding will wick moisture away. If there are outdoor cats in your area, make sure to bang on the hood of your car before starting it since they like to curl up in a warm engine and may still be there when you return.


More animals are lost during winter months as snow and blustery weather can make it difficult for them to find their way home if they get lost. Make sure your pets wear current ID tags, and be sure to keep them on leash if you are walking in snow and ice.

Car Rides

Those who live where winter can bring severe weather should keep a survival kit in the car in case of emergencies. Don’t forget to include provisions for your companion like an extra blanket and water, a bowl, and snacks. And if you do take your friend for a ride in the winter wonderland, don’t leave her alone in the car. Just as the car acts as an amplifier for heat in the summer, it can easily become a freezer in the winter.


A green (or pink or orange, etc) puddle on your garage floor can be extremely toxic to your dog or cat. If you fill your own radiator or if yours overflows – be sure to clean up thoroughly. Antifreeze has a sweet scent and taste that attracts dogs and cats. If you suspect your animal has ingested antifreeze, contact a veterinarian immediately. There is an antidote available for antifreeze poisoning, but time is of the essence and the longer it takes to obtain the antidote the greater the risk of kidney damage or worse.

Thanks to Only Natural Pet Store's knowledge base for this timely information.

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