Friday, March 5, 2010

Traveling with your Pet

Taking Toto or Fluffy on a trip? Before setting out, be sure that your pet has all the essentials to ensure that their trip is happy and safe. Take along a good supply of one or more calming remedies for the car or airplane ride, along with motion sickness remedies for those furry friends who may need them. Be sure to try out any stress relieving remedy for a few days ahead of the trip to be sure that it's effective, and that your pet will tolerate it. Both dogs and cats must wear a properly fitted collar with identification - including your cell phone number and/or the phone number of your destination.

When traveling by car bring along some calming music to help with relaxation. Other essentials include water, bed, litter and litter box, leash, grooming supplies, a first aid kit and a favorite toy or two. If space is limited and you can't bring your dog's own big comfy bed, take along a travel bed to keep her comfortable wherever you stay.

Here are some remedies to support your companion through the stress of the trip:
Pheromone Spray for the car, the kennel or carrier, and the room when you arrive at your destination. It is best to spray this several minutes before bringing your pet into the area for optimal calming effects.Rescue Remedy for quick and easy dosing during travel. Just use on the gums or paws. You can give this as often as needed to support your companion’s sense of ease – even every few minutes when the animal is visibly stressed.Flower Essences for anxiety can be massages into the ears and paws, and added to the drinking water throughout your trip.Only Natural Pet Relaxi-Herb or Pet Naturals Calming Formula can provide quick and effective help for an overly anxious pet. Don’t forget to take along a dosing syringe for easy administration.If your companion suffers from motion sickness, try one of the following remedies:HomeoPet Travel AnxietyPetAlive Easy TravelNatures Herbs for Pets Motion Sickness

The easiest food for travel is Freeze Dried or Dehydrated diets. They are compact, light-weight and easy to prepare. If you decide to try this and your pet is used to kibble, be sure to introduce the new food gradually at least a week before your trip. Sudden diet changes during times of stress can bring most unwelcome results - like lots of trips outside if your companion's digestive system reacts unfavorably. Whatever diet you choose, pack plenty of it, since finding pet stores away from home that carry just the right food can be difficult. If your pet is prone to a sensitive digestive system, be prepared with Only Natural Pet Tummy Relief, Vetri-Science Fast Balance or Pet Naturals of Vermont Quick Relief; these are the quickest acting remedies available for diarrhea or loose stools.

A little advance planning can go a long way to making the trip more enjoyable for everyone. For listings of pet friendly hotels see Pet or Pet Friendly Travel.

Thanks again to Only Natural Pet Store's Knowledge base for this important information.

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