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Warning: There is a Treat That Could Make Your Dog Sick Or Dead

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The Ham Bones Reportedly Splinter Inside Dog's Stomachs.
Jeff Bernthal FOX2now.com7:36 PM CST, March 11, 2010Maplewood, MO (

The FDA is now investigating a product made by a Missouri company. A dozen pet owners have complained to the Better Business Bureau that The Real Ham Bone caused serious injuries and even death in some cases. The product is sold by Dynamic Pet Products, a division of Fricks Meats in Washington, Mo. One of the complaints came from Melodie Riggs. She bought two of the ham bones and gave one to each of her two dogs.

"Within one hour they both started violently throwing up and they threw up chunks like slivers of bone," said Riggs. She complained to the company and says they offered her coupons. "I was hoping the company would say were really sorry were going to check into our product."

She then took her complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

"We have heard from people across the United States who have had similar experiences with this product," said Christopher Thetford, Better Business Bureau.

Thetford obtained the copy of an autopsy from one of the upset pet owners. A vet found trauma to the dog from the ingested bone.

"They're really dangerous you may have a lot of medical bills if they start splitting their stomach because those are shivers coming out of their stomachs," said Riggs.

"The company refused to tell us how many times that they had been notified that peoples pets have gotten sick or died from using this product," said Thetford. "That company also told us though that in their experience people were more satisfied with this product than dissatisfied.

"The company released a statement indicating news of illness and even death has saddened them. They also point out there is a label on the package indicating their product is not for every dog.

Here is their complete statement "At Dynamic Pet Products, our goal is to offer the best pet products to owners and their dogs. We are saddened to learn of the illnesses and deaths of any of our customers pets.

"Dynamic Pet Products has been producing bones for pets since 2001, including Real Ham Bone for Dogs. The quality of our products and the safety of the pets that enjoy our products are our top priorities. That is why every package contains a label that provides detailed instructions to owners on how they can help their pets best enjoy our products. We strongly encourage owners to supervise their pets with any treats or snacks.

"For more than 100 years, the Fricks have provided quality products to families and more recently to their pets. We will continue to provide quality, safe products to our customers." -Rick Jackson, vice president of Operations, Fricks QualityMeats, the parent company of Dynamic Pet Products.

There is a video at the link below as well as some reader comments. My take on this is that I've been taught NO COOKED BONES and it certainly looks as if this product is offering cooked bones. Cooked bones splinter and can cause serious damage. Only raw bones should be offered to dogs and even then they should be carefully watched to see how they are consuming them. For dogs new to bones it might be a wise idea to limit chewing time and if possible to offer a digestive aid.,0,5384471.story))

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Anonymous said...

Thank you, I'm a dog owner whos cocker spaniel got sick after eating the bone. I called the company and spoke with Ms. Sara Frick-Mades who formed her LLC to the bone. Yes more than half of us got the same story. Send me your bills I'll take care of them. Well for most of us that never happened. All we were getting was the denial letter from their insurance company. Excuse me, but isn't that why you have an insurance company in cases such as this to take care of the damages? I asked Ms. Mades the process in which they make the bones, and she said they're cooked or heat treated, and then they're smoked. Another heating process. I told her at that time, that is what is breaking down the bone itself, thus causing the bone to weaken. Oh yes and for the record,the warning labels we still have only stated if splintering occurs, remove bone. Since all of our complaints that came in explaining that there were no splinters only fragments/chunks which the dogs vomited up,so now they've changed their labels to say that. Really!!!And where are those truck loads of bones you have shipped in coming from? How do we know the condition of those pigs bones your using? Or how long the bones have been sitting before processing? They need to tell everyone the ingredients used in making them. All natural, 100% food grade ingredients, but not for human consumption, why not if it's all you say it is. We want and demand answers!!!Thank you, Donna in California