Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Celebrating Puppy Mill Kids at Oz

From the Oz Project

Blackberry (Shep)


Cranberry (intake photo)

I just put the kids to bed for the night and it's getting late but I just couldn't let this day pass without sharing some firsts. Today was a very good day for the Oz kids. First thing this morning Elderberry came out of his crate all by himself. This afternoon Cranberry the little girl that enjoys sitting on my lap like a little gopher decided to start laying on her back in my arms like a baby. The sun felt so good on her little belly. Then at suppertime Elder ate his supper and his worm medicine. That was a relief. Then just now when I went out to take the kids potty and put them to bed for the night. Shep (Blackberry) came out of his crate on his own for the first time. What a great day for the Oz kids!

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