Thursday, April 29, 2010


Written by Crete's foster mom

4/28/10: On Thursday April 22, in the wet state of Colorado, our own Col. Potter's Crete came up missing. All of his 4 legged brothers and sisters were still in their crates or beds but, one blind, 11 year old, red wheaten was on the lam. Calls were made to Col. Potter , surrounding shelters, animal control, and neighbors. Foster Mom started walking, calling, banging the bushes, looking under cars, trucks, sheds, even stacks of lumber. At 10 pm the flashlights came out and the dogs came along to check the green belt, and down the side streets calling, calling, calling.

Friday morning more alerts were sent out, Fed Ex, UPS, US Post Office, more time spent talking to neighbors, people walking by, area Vets, boarding facilities, and area groomers. All have posters, and posters are hung on every street within 5 miles. Another trip to the shelter aisles, looking into the sad eyes of the dogs who didn't have a loved one to search for them.We get a call from the shelter - a Cairn has been picked up, but not our Crete . Saturday, Sunday, Monday more of the same.

Finally on Monday out of the blue about 3:15 in the afternoon, a golden boy shows up in the front yard. He is scared, and has black dried spots on him. At first we thought he had been bitten, and the spots were dried blood. His leg is hurt and he won't put any weight on it. Into a crate and off to the vet we go. On exam he hasn't lost an ounce of weight, there are no puncture wounds, and it's not mud or blood in his coat just FLEAS. So he got an immediate application of Frontline.

No injuries to speak of except the leg.So off to the emergency vet for an x-ray. It's clear the little guy is hurting and he has bruising on the inside of his leg all the way over to his groin area. He has deep purple bruising, the real "owwie" kind, but being a Cairn he doesn't whimper or whine. After a shot of pain reliever, he relaxes enough to give foster mom a kiss and heads off to x-ray. The vet comes in with the films, and says his pelvis is fractured in one place and maybe two. So we call an orthopedic surgeon, and the first estimate is $3000. Okay, we get a second estimate of $2000 to $3000. Crete stays overnight with the emergency vet, where a blood test is given. He has low potassium, gets an IV and pain meds. We check in with two other orthopedic surgeons and the best plan is still going to cost $1500.

So we called the regular vet to let them know what was going on and luck had the traveling orthopedic surgeon is in to do surgery on another rescue girl. He offers to take a look at the films. Dr. Ed says he can fix Crete 's pelvis. He loves Cairns and he knows he's got another rescue pup on his hands, so his is estimate $1100 to $1500.

I just got off the phone with the vet. He did great. His little pelvis was shattered so he is sporting some new hardware and had to have a bone graft. He is awake and trying to stand on it already and waiting for his snack.

So our little recovering Cairn boy says "I need more prayers and some donations 'cause the Col. says they will fix me up. If you could help out with a buck or two , then my bill won't hurt any of my cousins chances for a new life - like Col. Potter is giving me".

You can help to fund Crete's recovery by clicking here to participate in Col. Potter's Guardian Angel program on his behalf.

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