Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Pitter Patter of Not So Little Cairn feet!


Comments by CP Volunteers

Neha is our 'foot model'

Larger front paws, smaller back paws

I have an article that will be published one of these days written when the first Cairn dog show was held in the 30's or so, and this is a genuine letter written by a breeder then, written in fountain pen.

She talks of her cairn stock and VARIOUS SIZES of her cairns and what each size does to get the quarry. FEET IS AN IMPORTANT part of this, since it took little feet to get into the small cracks between the Cairns or rocks which is what our Breed is named after, and BIGGER feet to dig for the quarry.

There is no wrong size, they just can't be teenie weenie cat feet.

I think it was on the Dogs 101 episode that featured our little breed, that I learned that typically cairn's have larger front feet than back.

The back ones are for springing into action, the front for traction and digging!!!

Front paws on our little hay stacks are their “tools” for digging. Their back feet should be smaller and they should always “walk on their toes”.

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