Monday, May 24, 2010

Col. Potter has a table at BARK Heard Around the World in NY

Contributed by a CP Volunteer

Jansen (photo by Beth Adams)

Saturday, Col. Potter had a wonderful table at BARK Heard Around the World again. That darned Penny, Cheryl, Steve and Maureen team are amazing. I got to meet Carlene & her hubby too (CP adopters)

Held in Syracuse, it's an anti-puppymill rally, education and networking event. This year we had moved into a much larger venue on the NY Fairgrounds which made it really really nice - except outside attendance was much lower this year.I'm not sure why, and I sure hope it's not because Rescue Ink wasn't there this year (They're getting "too important" I suspect) on the other hand groups come from all over, including Just a Touch from RI and Shitzu & Furbaby...I didn't take any pictures inside just because its no fun for me and the dogs don't act like themselves, but I had promised to do some for some of the BARK organizers of their foster dogs to help with adoptions. and then ran into a lovely dobie pup with what is suspected to be wobbles - very sad I also got a chance to catch up with Laurie Feldmeth, so her lovely ZeeZee (spelling??)...anyway, please follow this link to see the pictures.

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Anonymous said...

From What I Understand - That a Majority of the Group has Left This is Proberly Why They ARE Not Coming